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Warrensburg, Sedalia, Lees Summit and Clinton Eye & Vision Exams 

vision examAt Eyecare Specialties, we offer eye and vision exams to protect your overall health and wellness. Whether you need a regular eyesight exam, think your prescription has changed, or wonder whether you have an underlying eye condition, our optometrists are here to help you with a comprehensive vision and eye health exam. Learn more about how an eye exam protects your health and why Eyecare Specialties is your go-to eye exam provider in Warrensburg, Clinton, Lees Summit and Sedalia.

What to Expect in an Eye Exam 

Our eye exams begin by testing your vision on the 20/20 vision scale. If you require eye correction, we can set up a prescription for frames or fit you with contacts so you can see clearly. We will also check your visual acuity in terms of how well your eyes work together, and how coordinated your eye muscles are. Vision imbalances like amblyopia can be corrected with vision therapy from Eyecare Specialties. 

Next, we will ask you questions about your eye health and any issues you may be experiencing, such as dry eye or blurry vision. We will look at your eyes to check both your eye health and your overall health. Eyes can show indications of diseases including diabetes and hypertension, so we may send you home with general health recommendations in addition to a new prescription for glasses.

We will examine both the inside and the outside of your eye. In some cases, we may order follow up exams. We may also dilate your eyes and check the fluid pressure inside the eye, which is part of glaucoma screening.

Our eye exams usually take 20 to 30 minutes to complete, although some can take longer. We do our best to minimize delays, so you can have your eyes tested when it is convenient for you. 

Our eye doctors take your health very seriously, so we will leave time to discuss the results of your eye exam with you and talk about any health and wellness concerns. We can also discuss eye correction options, so you can see clearly and feel confident that you have made the right vision correction decision. 

How Often to Get Eye Exams 

We recommend that our patients get their eyes checked annually to ensure good vision and healthy eyes for years to come. 

If you develop vision problems, we recommend you see your eye doctor immediately to address any problems you may be experiencing.

We are here for you all year round, so please feel free to contact us at 660-747-2020 if you have any eye care needs or would like to schedule an appointment for vision testing.