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This is the first time I've ever been EXCITED about the idea of going for annual visits to a doctor's office. Dr. Susan Lake and all the staff are just FABULOUS, so friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend this office highly enough. If you're looking for a new eyecare clinic, look no more. This place ROCKS.

- Stephanie F.

Each time I go to Dr. Lake for my check-up or an eye infection, I am always treated with the utmost care from all the staff. Dr. Lake is always thorough with his examination and tests. He discovered my high blood pressure and sent me straight to my md for medication. I have recommended Dr. Jason Lake to my family members, and they receive the same kind of warmth, friendliness, and professional care that I do. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my visual health.

- Anita W.

I presented Dr. Cook with a challenging case where I am near sighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. Also, one is a lot worse than the other. I was determined that contacts weren't for me because of my astigmatism but Dr. Cook reassured me and I love only have to wear one contact and don't miss the clunky glasses one bit. Thanks team! Incredible Individualized Service.

- Melissa A.

Dr. Johnson went over the test results with me thoroughly and explained the results of the pictures of my eyes in detail. He was courteous, caring and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him for all of your eye care needs.

- June B.

Dr. Susan Lake is undoubtedly one of the best optometrists this area has to offer. Not only are her services unbeatable, but her professionalism and friendship as a doctor are invaluable. I will be seeing her for life as a patient. Phenomenal service!

- Derek K.