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Sunglasses Available at Eyecare Specialties in Sedalia, Clinton, and Lee’s Summitpeople wearing sunglasses found at eye care specialties in Sedalia, Clinton, and Lee’s Summit

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Finding sunglasses that match your vision needs can be tricky. For instance, someone who has cataracts needs UV ray protection, while those hoping to protect their vision in the long run will want polarized lenses. If you want assistance choosing your next pair of sunglasses, Eyecare Specialties is here to help. Learn more about how we help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses from your favorite optometrists in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, and Lee’s Summit.

Types of Sunglasses Lenses

The main reason for wearing sunglasses is to block out UV rays and sun glare. Come by and check out our selection of UV safe sunglasses. We also have sunglasses with polarized lenses. A polarized lens filters out glare that bounces off of water, snow, or the road. These are ideal for individuals with active lifestyles who don’t want to be slowed down because of vision loss. To find out which type of sunglasses are best suited for your vision needs, visit us at any of our offices! 

Types of Sunglasses Available

We understand that some people prefer prescription eyeglasses, while others want standalone sunglasses. We can work with both types of eyeglasses. In addition to these options, we suggest other sun proofing methods to protect your eyes. For example, wear a hat with a broad brim to keep the sun from shining down behind your glasses.

Designer Sunglass Brands

If you are curious as to whether or not we carry your favorite sunglasses brand, let us help you. Our collection of sunglasses includes brands like Oakley, Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Tiffany, Coach, Oliver Peoples, and Costa del Mar. We carry the latest lines from each of these brands, as well as most seasonal and limited edition lines. For any other brands please speak with our eyeglasses expert to see if we can access their lines. 

We would love to help you find a new favorite brand, as well, among our existing collection. Our staff will also work with you to find a style and shape of sunglasses that best suits your lifestyle, budget, style, and personal aesthetic. After all, your sunglasses will become a permanent fashion accessory that needs to match your personal look. So choose your sunglasses in Lee's Summit, Warrensburg, Clinton or Sedalia with the help of the eye care experts at Eyecare Specialties. 

Learn More about Sunglasses Offered at Eyecare Specialties in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, and Lee’s Summit

As the leading optometrists in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, and Lee’s Summit we offer everything you need for vision correction. From vision exams to premium eyewear, Eyecare Specialties has your eye and vision needs covered. Contact our office at 660-747-2020 to schedule your appointment for sunglasses. We look forward to helping you choose your favorite sunglasses for the summer time.

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