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Eye Care Services at Our Warrensburg, Lee's Summit, Clinton and Sedalia OfficesWarrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton or Lee's Summit optometrist provides eye care services

We're delighted to provide a full complement of eye care services for patients in Warrensburg, Lee's Summit, Clinton and Sedalia. You and your loved ones will benefit from services and techniques such as:

  • Eye and vision exams - Eye and vision exams are a smart investment in your ocular health. We offer comprehensive regular eye exams to catch any eye diseases as early as possible, analyze how well your eyes are functioning, and test your visual acuity for refractive errors that need correcting.

  • Contact lens exams - Contact lenses should suit your eye's dimensions, your preferred usage, your lifestyle and any underlying eye conditions. Our contact lens exam help us deliver the best possible contacts for your needs.

  • Hard to fit contacts - Conditions such as astigmatism, presbyopia, dry eye, giant papillary conjunctivitis and keratoconus pose special challenges for the contact lens wearer, not to mention the attending optometrist. Your eye doctor can provide specialized hard to fit contacts for these situations.

  • Ortho-K - If you wish you could clearly see each day without glasses, contacts or surgery, Ortho-K may be for you. We can fit you with special lenses that gently reshape your corneas overnight, giving you days of clear, lens-free vision at a time.

  • Sunglasses - Everyone should wear sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UV rays. We can provide you with stylish designer sunglasses that also protect your eyes against cataracts and other problems.

  • Sports vision - If your athletic success depends on optimal vision, check out our sports vision services. We can evaluate your eye function and visual processing speeds, prescribing exercises to help you overcome specific weakness.

  • Eye diseases - Your optometrist can diagnose and treat such potentially devastating eye diseases as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration and cataracts. We can also help treat eye injuries and infections such as conjunctivitis.

  • Dry eye - Dry eye from inadequate tear production can cause itching, redness, vision problems and possible corneal problems. We can find out what's causing your dry eye and recommend the right solutions to get it under control.

  • Vision therapy - Abnormal vision may be the result of eye function problems and/or miscommunication with the brain's vision center. We can recommend vision therapy exercises and treatments to help you improve your functional eyesight.

  • LASIK surgery - LASIK surgery is a more permanent alternative to glasses or contacts for correcting common refractive errors. We can co-manage your LASIK surgery by providing pre-operative and post-operative care.

  • Other eye surgery - If we feel you need cataract removal or other eye surgery, we can refer you to a top-quality eye surgeon, answer your questions about the procedure and co-manage your recovery every step of the way.

Schedule Care from an Eye Doctor at Our Clinic

See for yourself how Eyecare Specialties lives up to its name. Call any of your four offices to schedule eye care services from your local eye doctor!