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Vision & Learning Center

Building the foundation for lifelong learning & development

“The quality of my child’s life and education has improved so much after being part of the
Vision and Learning Center’s programs. His reading grade has moved one whole letter grade in one quarter.”

About Us

At the Vision and Learning Center we are committed to helping you develop your child’s full potential. We believe that “best practice” means considering the needs of the whole child. That is why we are dedicated to ongoing staff development in the latest successful programs and practices which help the child’s development in the following areas:

• Sensory processing
• Developmental vision skills
• Speech and language classes
• Phonological awareness
• Balance & motor coordination
• Rhythm & timing

Our Programs

Our therapies are conducted in a highly-motivating and interactive setting. Children enjoy a variety of activities that develop and enhance the systems in the brain needed for achieving each child’s potential.

• Vision Therapy
• Speech & Language Therapy
• Motor and Coordination Programs
• Handwriting Without Tears Class
• Interactive Metronome

Success Stories

At the Vision and Learning Center we are proud of the success that parents and teachers report after students complete our classes and vision therapy. We call these stories our success stories and are happy to share them:

1) Meet Dylan
2) Meet Kolby
3) Meet Bobbi
4) Meet Jalen