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At Eyecare Specialties, our staff is friendly and professional. Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service to all of our patients. We take pride in our personalized care and strive to spend the necessary time with each patient to ensure a comfortable experience.

Our optometry professionals are passionate about providing high-quality care to our family of patients. We focus on providing comprehensive eye exams, a large selection of fashionable eyewear, and the best possible vision care. Come in today to meet our staff and make an appointment.

Sedalia office 


Tiffany has been an Optician in the Sedalia office since July of 2014.  A Sedalia native, this country-music-loving brunette (who is actually a natural blond!) loves all things competitive and outdoorsy, especially if that allows her to play sports. If she’s not at work you might find her loving her black lab, Belle, or planning her escape to own a huge farm with all different types of animals.  For now though, we’re so lucky to have her helping patients find the perfect frame and lenses to leave them feeling beautiful and confident.


You might recognize Sedalia-native Jessica as the winner of American Idol.  Ok, truth be told, she hasn’t tried out for AI, but we have no doubt that if her shower-singing skills are any indication, this honest yet amusingly snarky Pre-Technician will be belting it out on TV before you know it.  When she’s not getting Eyecare Specialties patients ready to be seen by the doctors, she might be found drag racing, working on her Chevy II or playing with her two labs, Dixie and Zoey.  Jessica can always be counted on to leave her patients feeling happy after they see her.  She wants them to know how important they really are!


This Sedalia employee has been in the Optical business longer than many of the doctors who work for Eyecare Specialties—22 years! She is a caring Office Manager who loves rock-n-roll music, baskets and teddy bears.  If she’s not at work leading the charge for the Sedalia office of Eyecare Specialties, she will most likely be found outdoors, watching KC Chiefs football or enjoying some competition BBQ cook-offs.  Her childhood dream of becoming a beautician wasn’t realized partly because of her OCD nature—she just couldn’t get “every hair in it’s place.” This thrills us  because until she leaves her post at ES to travel the world with her husband, she always makes sure her patients have a pleasant experience.  


Haeley is a welcome new addition to the Sedalia office of Eyecare Specialties.  She is country-music listening outdoorsy girl from Warsaw, Mo.  We were lucky enough to have her join our team after being a full time student.  Her two dogs, Saige and Stormy take up her time outside of the office but we are thrilled to have her on our team!  


The Sedalia office added another fabulous pre-tech when Clint joined their team.  This positive, helpful and curious Windsor, Mo. native makes sure his patients feel well cared for after they see him.  If they bring him his favorite candy, Reese’s,  he might even go extra gentle with everyone’s favorite eye doctor torture device, the air-puff machine.  His dreams of becoming an Optometrist make us proud and we are cheering for his success while trying to prepare him to graduate with honors with the real world experience he’ll gain in our offices.  In the meantime he’s studying, playing golf and hanging out with his four legged best friend of a dog, Penny.



If you’ve called Eyecare Specialties in the last 12 years there is a very good chance you’ve already met Autumn, our highly organized yet very spider and snake phobic Call Center Coordinator.  She’s a country girl who loves sports and even though her dream of being the first female MLB player was never achieved, she gets our vote for the All-Star team.  If she’s not scheduling your appointments with extreme efficiency, you may find her hanging out with her husband, two sons, 3 dogs, 1 horse and a beta fish.  


Our lead Optician and emerging Office Manager in the Warrensburg office leads with a huge heart that extends to her patients.  We are convinced that her Harry Potter obsession has given her special powers as her patients seem spellbound with her. Her energetic and silly nature would have been an asset for fulfilling her dream of coaching the Dallas Cowboys but we’re glad she’s here instead, helping her patients feel confident with the glasses they’ve received from Eyecare Specialties.  Trust us, with her germophobia, they will be the cleanest glasses you’ve ever put on your gorgeous face.   


If you’re having a bad day, come to Eyecare Specialties and spend just a few minutes with our caring and funny lead Pre-Technician Abbi and we can almost guarantee you’ll feel happier.  Even though Creighton, Mo had to change their sign to Population: 299 when she left that bustling town, we were lucky to add her to ours 2 years ago.  Outside of work she can be found sharpening her photography skills, baking cherry pies and traveling so she can check things off of her lifetime bucket-list with her husband, daughter and Chihuahua Mily..  Somehow, she has enough time left to make our patients know they are cared for when she is their Pre-Tech.  


With a job title like Financial Administrator you might think Nicole would be a little, well, boring.  On the contrary!  She’s honest, curious, witty and hilarious without even knowing she’s funny.   She is also an animal lover, especially for her dog Brutus.  A natural leader, she is in charge of our Insurance department, making sure your benefits are being used to your advantage.  Although you may not see her because we keep her hidden in an office working away, just ask and we’ll give you a peek of her at her desk.  Look closely and you might spot a picture of her long lost pet of 8 years,  Fat Albert, the tree frog.  


When you ask someone what their favorite flower is and they quote A.A. Milne saying “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them,” you can be certain you’re dealing with a person with a huge heart.  That is Teresa, our Vision Therapist and director of the Vision and Learning Center.  This Warrensburg native grew up with dreams of being a teacher but instead earned her Masters Degree as a Speech-Language Pathologist from UCM where she still serves as an adjunct instructor.  If she isn’t encouraging our patients to achieve the best vision to enable optimal learning, she can be found reading, gardening or bird-watching.  Speaking of birds, she might be collecting eggs from her 12 chickens and numerous quail.  All the while, her cat, Stella, is licking her lips staring at all that poultry out the window of their country home.  


Catherine joined our team 2 years ago after working 8 ½ years as a Target team leader.  This easy-going yet strong-willed woman is a superstar in the insurance department.  Don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you as she’s basically an expert at singing along to gangster rap.  This combined with her childhood desire to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader should explain why we consider Catherine to be one our most quietly fascinating employees.  She spends time away from her insurance desk at her peaceful country home gardening and taking photos with her husband, 3 German Shepherds, 1 mut, and 2 cats.  


Ashley is a cheerful and easy-going new addition to our Eyecare Specialties Billing staff.  Although her dream to visit all 50 states is still in progress, we consider ourselves lucky that she’s currently planted at our front desk in Warrensburg making patients happy. When she’s not there she can be found selling Premier jewelry and scrapbooking.  At home she surrounds herself with her husband, son and cat named Meow.  If you’re having any struggles with your bill, our advice is to sneak her some peanut-butter M&Ms…they make her smile every time. 


This strong, sassy and smiley pre-technician will keep you laughing as she gets you ready for the doctors. A Leeton, Mo. graduate is a fantastic cook and a soap opera fanatic with her daily General Hospital obsession.  She loves spending time with her husband, daughter and a cat named Callie.  She’s a bit of an old-soul with her love of board games, playing cards, George Jones and Patsy Cline.  She dreams of owning her own business someday and we have no doubt she has what it takes to make that happen.  For now though, we’re thrilled to have her here, making her patients smile and sneaking Nutella breaks in the back room. 


This Warrensburg billing specialist has been with Eyecare Specialties for 1½ years.  She comes from a huge family filled with countless aunts, uncles and cousins, which definitely contributed to her fun and thoughtful personality. If you remember anything about Megan after meeting her, we’re certain it will be her heart.  She wants to connect with her patients in a way that will make them comfortable to return because they remember how kindly they were treated.  Outside of our office she can be found on her family farm watching the sunset with her husband and two kids, two dogs-Ox and Dixie, and two cats- Spaz and Kitty.  Also, she worked at McDonalds for 7 years but still won’t tell us what makes their French fries so darn delicious.  A free eyeglass cleaner for anyone who can get her to talk.   


If you name a job in our office, Patty has probably done it.  She’s been with our office nearly two decades and has witnessed Eyecare Specialties grow from two to four locations and has been a HUGE reason we’ve achieved that goal.  She is currently serving as the Operations Manager of all Eyecare Specialties locations.  She is detail oriented, dependable and trustworthy.  She is also funny and sarcastic with an irrational fear of frogs.  She’s a former high school homecoming queen and state track star but her most favorite lifetime accomplishments come from the combined 7 children she and her husband share as well as their 14 grandchildren.  She can be found spending time with all of them in her country home alongside a dog, cat and ducks.  


If there is a Mom in our office, it’s Debbie.  She’s been here longer than almost all of us.  Truth be told, we depend on her positive attitude as much as her experience and knowledge.  She is kind, honest and compassionate.  She serves as Human Resources for the entire organization of Eyecare Specialties.  If we could stream Elvis music all day, every day, Debbie would be so happy she’d be “all shook up.”  Since she is a veteran visitor of Graceland (Elvis’s home) in Tennessee, she’s one step closer to realizing her dream of visiting all 50 states.  She and her husband have one son who, with their daughter-in-law, blessed her with 3 grandsons who are the light of her life.  The testament to how well Debbie cares for our patients is that even though she hasn’t been on the Optician floor for years, she still has patients who come in to the office and request to see her.  She keeps threatening to retire someday and travel the world but we keep belting out “Don’t be cruel” and she agrees to stay…as long as we stop singing. 


Our scheduling department received a wonderful addition when Susan joined.  This “Merry Minion Maniac” is friendly, outgoing and wonderfully empathetic.  This former figure skater and lover of Dodge trucks will work tirelessly to make you a convenient appointment efficiently.  We’ve all had to loosen a belt loop since she joined our team, as she is a magnificent cake baker.  Outside of answering the phones and fattening us all up, she can be found at her home, making bracelets and enjoying time with her two grown sons. Can’t get the appointment time you want?  Try M&Ms…they are pure appointment gold bribery. 


Sarah is one of our most recent additions to the appointment department.  She is originally from beautiful Nebraska and still cheers for the Husker red.  She has a loving personality, which makes her perfect for being patient enough to find you the best and most convenient appointment time.  She wants to make sure her patients are satisfied and happy with the work she does for them.  When asked about their hobbies, anyone who includes “laughing with family” is tops in our book, and this is Sarah.  When she’s not at work, she’s practicing her photography, hanging out with her family, which includes two teenage sons and dreaming of traveling the world with an endless supply of bite-size snickers. 


Melissa is an extremely funny, optimistic and outgoing Optician.  She has a gift for connecting with her patients in a way that makes them feel confident they received excellent care and got to have a lot of fun and laughs while doing it.  Although her measurements for your glasses will be precise, don’t expect the same when she cooks as she doesn’t believe in following measurements in the kitchen where she loves to spend time.  She dreamed of being an EMT as a kid so we occasionally take turns staging emergencies around the office to help fulfill her vision but we had to draw the line when she got carried away with use of an Epi-pen.  We kid, we kid.  But seriously, if you’re lucky enough to have Melissa as your Optician, you’ll leave knowing you worked with one of the best. 


This pre-technician might tell you that her favorite candy is sour patch kids but we can promise you that when it comes to personality, she’s as sweet and cheerful as they come.  Luckily this California native happened upon Missouri and spent the last 7 years in the Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medical Technician fields.  These jobs help you to understand why her patients feel so loved and happy after she sees them.  Her love of animals hits home with her cat Ella who has been known to force her to change her favorite yoga pose to Downward Facing Cat out of respect for her feline friend.  Someday you might find Eden devouring peanut butter flavored gelato in her dream country of Italy but for now she’s got her hands full raising 5 kids under that age of 9.  We’re so glad she spends her days with us!


After 8 years of her military service we got lucky enough to enlist Stacie in our office as a kind and dedicated pre-technician.  She raises three kids, 2 cats and a dog and can munch on a bag of twizzlers while doing it all.  Her high school collection of over 100 pigs came down to an ultimatum from the pigs.  They demanded that she choose between them and a fully loaded BLT…the pigs haven’t been seen since.  We’re hoping we don’t get the boot because we love her taking care of our patients and have dutifully promised to keep her grounded so that her fear of heights doesn’t interfere.  We have a sneaking suspicion there was a flying pig incident that led to this fear but she’s keeping mum on it.  We don’t mind a bit as long as she keeps doing such an amazing job.


Michael is a pre-technician in our Warrensburg office but also a Pre-Optometrist!  His competitive, energetic and determined ways ensure his pathway to success.  How can a guy NOT succeed with a bachelor of science in Cell and Molecular Biology and a wild Penguin obsession?  His love of the black and white, ice loving, flightless birds is perhaps only slighted by his love of sports.  His lifelong dream of visiting every single professional sports stadiums (MLB, MLS, NHL, NFL) will take him the next 55 years if he starts now and visits two per year.  We’re counting on a little speedier attendance record as he has been a bit over-mothered in our office with multiple lectures to SLOW DOWN on his motorcycle.  He nods and gives us false reassurances but we just can’t stop nagging…we like him too much. When he heads to Optometry school we’ll send care packages of 100 grand bars and wish him the best!! 


Although Sam has been with our office over a year, she recently moved to a new position as Optician.  Rumor has it she heard there was closer access to the peanut butter cups we sometimes treat our patients with but she swears she just thought the change would be nice.  Truth be told, if you really want to make Sam’s day, allow her to dispense the first pair of glasses to a kid.  She’ll light up with delight at being able to be a part of such a great event.  She’s loud, energetic and strong and we love every bit of it.  She’s an Indiana native that graduated from Culinary school and we have high hopes that she’ll finally teach us how to chop our veggies really fast like they do on the cooking shows.  So far, she’s keeping that skill hidden but we’re not giving up asking. We’re still certain we can manipulate that peanut butter obsession.


Some employees love Eyecare Specialties so much they do two tours of duty with us. We consider ourselves so lucky that Jeanette is one of them.  She started in our Clinton office but is now in the billing department of our Warrensburg office. This mom of three will make sure that you are treated kindly when you are finishing your time in our office.  Her sweet and caring nature makes her a joyful addition to our team.  We are considering some office Karaoke nights to help her to live out her childhood dream of becoming a rock star. For now though, just ask her to belt out her favorite song when you’re checking out after your appointment.  We’re certain she’ll oblige.

Clinton office


Our Clinton office received a bright, smiley addition when LeeAnn joined our team.  Her positive and talkative personality creates such a fun atmosphere for patients when they arrive for their appointments.  She somehow manages to remain efficient while simultaneously creating a welcoming, calm entry for our patients.  Away from the front desk of Eyecare  Specialties, Lee Ann can be found curled up reading and spending time with her family and a cat, Lilly and dog, Sadie.  She dreams of traveling the world and particularly Paris.  Sometimes to give her that Parisian feel we will change our exams to “which is better, Un or duex?”  If you’d like to get on her good side and have a speedy start to your exam, bring her a Heath blizzard, she’ll get you right in. 


This California native traded in her dreams to be a swat team sniper to manage our Clinton office.  She is honest and compassionate and expects nothing less than the best for the patients that trust us with their eye health.  She loves coffee an almost inexplicable amount but it’s still not even close to how much she adores her husband and teenage daughter.  Her favorite activities involve road trips, music and anything that allows her creative side to bloom.  She shares her home and life with MR a cranky cat, Felicity, a princess of a St. Bernard, Quinn an uncontrollably happy bloodhound who flunked obedience school and Murphy, an old man golden retriever who keeps the whole bunch in harmony. 


If you visit our Clinton office, one of the happy, smiling faces that will greet you is Julia.  Her bubbly personality coupled with her ability to efficiently get you in and out of our office with ease leave her patients feeling as though they’ve been taken care of like family.   As a child she dreamed of being a stunt woman so we occasionally allow her to drive our cars around the parking lot in a very reckless manor.  Don’t worry, it’s always after patient hours.  If she’s not in the office she can be found with her cat, cows and bunnies or spending time with her husband, son and daughter.  


Brittney is a sweet, kind and always happy Optician in our Clinton office.  She is an interesting soul in that she practices yoga every week, concentrates on sending good vibes to everyone she meets all-the-while chugging more coffee than any human should.  In fact, we at times suspect that she joined our team for the free Starbucks coffee in our lobby.  She vehemently denies this allegation.   She works as hard on helping her patients as she does on helping herself. She wants them to leave feeling confident and comfortable that they received the best care possible.  She eventually wants to leave Missouri for the beautiful sunsets of Oregon or Colorado with her dog Oliver by her side.  Until then, we’re so lucky to have her helping our patients every day. 


Although a newbie to our office, Joyce is a veteran in the Optical business.  She’s been in the field as an Optician since 1997 and her experience is a huge asset to her patients.  She loves making each patient feel unique and special and we find this to be such a gift in today's busy medical world.  In her free time you might find her biking, swimming, reading, fishing or spending time doing anything with her two kids and two grandsons.  Her dog Gretchen might just tag along too.  If you catch her dreaming it might be of her own farm or escaping to Montana to watch the wild horses run.  Just interrupt her, her biggest goal is to make someone smile every single day.  She’ll happily make that person you.  


Clarissa is a spirited and happy pre-technician at our Clinton office.  She has a playful side that allows her to ride motorcycles and four-wheelers in her spare time.  She will soon be leaving our ranks to follow her dreams of becoming a nurse, maybe even a traveling nurse to Paris and Florida.  When she’s not kindly leading our patients through their pre-testing, she can be found with her English bulldog Mazey, English bulldog/ American bulldog Allie, 2 cats—Buddy and Harley,  her pig Bella and two cows Lacie and Hope.  We wish Clarissa the best on the next part of her journey to becoming a nurse!


Amber is a new addition to the Clinton staff, serving as a Pre-technician.  This girl is cheerful and caring but definitely has an ornery side to her.  We tried to monopolize on the fact that she spent the last 11 years as an assistant manager at Walgreens to uncover the secret behind how a person can walk into Walgreens for a bottle of Ibuprofen and leave $120.00 poorer, but she says she signed some kind of life-long-never-tell agreement.  Sigh…we’ll keep trying.  Her childhood dreams of being a ballerina were thwarted by the fact that her teeny-tiny feet just couldn’t tiptoe through the tulips.  That’s ok, she likes daisies better anyway.  We are so lucky to have this chocolate-loving Holden native on our crew. 


Our new pre-technician Steve will wow you with his calm, happy, outgoing nature.  Steve wants his patients to feel important when they get done seeing him and we can assure you, they do.  His caring nature is probably from raising three daughters, being a loving husband to his wife and a great dog owner to his dog, Charlie.  He dreams of retirement and car racing but we’re not letting him cross these goals off of his bucket list anytime soon, he’s too valuable to our patients.  If we could change anything about him it would be his football allegiance.  The only reason we excuse his love of the Denver Broncos is because he was raised in the land of Colorado.  We’re banning blue and orange from our uniform list though so as not to encourage this obvious misjudgement.