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Pediatric Eye Care with Lee's Summit Optometristpediatric eye exam

Caring for a child's eyes and visual health starts at a young age. As a parent, you want to provide the right tools to correct problems that may occur so your children can excel in school and activities. Eye exams for kids allow you to identify potential concerns and start a plan of action to keep a child's eyes healthy as they grow.

Why Visit an Optometrist?

The reasons you want to visit an optometrist in Lee's Summit or a Sedalia optometrist for a child's eye exam ultimately depends on their situation and behavior. A child may show signs of difficulty seeing objects at certain distances. You may notice squinting, difficulty with hand and eye coordination when compared to their age group or difficulty focusing. You may also notice physical signs of a potential problem, such as a lazy eye or a child crossing his or her eyes. Depending on the situation, the reasons you consider an eye care for children will vary.

When Should You Start Eye Exams for Kids

Even if your child does not show signs of a problem, you want to start eye exams for kids at an early age. An optometrist provides the foundation to catch problems at an early stage so your child has appropriate corrective solutions to heal his or her eyes. 

As a general rule, you should consider a first exam before a child starts first grade or begins attending school. During the exam, a professional evaluates a child's current vision and checks for problems with near vision, far vision or the coordination of both eyes while looking at objects. We check for a child's ability to follow objects with his or her eyes, as well as age-appropriate hand-eye coordination. Based on the results of an exam, an optometrist may recommend corrective lenses or other tools to assist with a child's vision.

Discussing Eye Care For Children with an Optometrist

You want to discuss eye care for children whenever you have concerns about a child's ability to see clearly. At Eyecare Specialties, we have four locations available for your convenience. You can visit our Lee's Summit, Warrensburg, Clinton or Sedalia locations to provide appropriate care for your child's eyes. We offer exams at an early age and help you determine an appropriate schedule for a child's visual health.

An optometrist optometrist in our clinic may recommend annual exams if a child's eyes require corrective solutions. We also suggest more regular visits when we notice a potential problem with a child's eyes or we have concerns about future complications as a child grows.

Pediatric eye care provides an opportunity to keep a child's vision healthy from a young age. At our clinics, we help you determine when to consider corrective lenses or solutions for your child. To learn more about pediatric eye care or for an appointment at one of our clinics, call 660-747-2020 today.