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Treatment for Dry Eyes in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, or Lee's Summit 

If you are looking for effective dry eye treatment in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, or Lee's Summit, you have come to the right place. Here at Eyecare Specialties we offer dry eye relief in a variety of methods. Whether you are suffering from dry eyes from allergy treatment or from looking at computer screens too often, we can help. Discover the benefits and services available for treating your dry eyes at Eyecare Specialties. 

Identifying Dry Eye 

Individuals who are suffering from dry eye conditions are dealing with eyes that don’t lubricate as needed. This can be due to either not producing enough tears or tears that are of good quality. If you are unable to keep your eyes moist naturally, this causes the condition of dry eye syndrome. If left untreated this can lead to damage on the front of the eye’s surface, as well as vision loss. Fortunately dry eye can be treated effectively by your optometrist in Lee’s Summit. 

Risk Factors for Dry Eye Condition

Certain people are more likely to experience dry eye. If you are older, then your body is naturally producing less moisture overall. This includes your tears, which is why most individuals diagnosed with a dry eye condition are over 55. However, younger people can have dry eye, too. If you are a woman who is pregnant, your risk increases, as does the risk for women using oral contraceptives or in menopause. If you take certain medications, such as blood pressure drugs or antidepressants, this can cause your eyes to become dry. Other causes for dry eye include environmental factors. The most common factor is staring at a computer screen or digital device for too long. 

Dry Eye Treatments in Lee's Summit

If you are suffering with dry eyes and want to find effective and long-term dry eye treatments, we can help. Here at your optometry clinic in Lee's Summit we typically begin with over the counter eye drops. Using artificial tear solutions can help supplement the lack of tears in your eyes. If this doesn’t work for you, you might need eye surgery to close your tear ducts. This can help you keep your natural tears for longer so you don’t suffer from dry eye. Other treatments may include nutritional supplements and eye treatments to decrease inflammation related to dry eye.

Your Optometrists in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, and Lee's Summit, MO 

As your leading optometrist in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, and Lee's Summit, MO we strive to meet your eye care needs. Come see your optometrist to start treating your dry eye condition today. Under the vision care of our optometrists, we will help you start seeing more clearly. Contact our office at 660-747-2020 to schedule your dry eye treatment.