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Contact Lens Exams in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, & Lee’s Summit, MOContact lens exaqms in warrensburg, sedalia, clinton & lee's summit, mo

When you need new contacts or an updated prescription, you start with the proper examination to ensure that you get the right lenses to correct your vision and fit comfortably. During a contact lens exam, our optometrists will determine if you can wear contacts and what prescription your eyes require for the lenses. The examination differs from the traditional vision exam because it requires additional tests to determine if your eyes are healthy enough for the lenses. Our optometrists may also test for potential complications that may make the lenses inappropriate for your eyes.

Why You Need an Accurate Contact Lens Prescription

The primary reason you need a contact lens prescription is appropriate vision correction. Without the proper prescription for your eyes, you end up wearing contacts that do not correct visual concerns. 

During the examination, one of our optometrist in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton or Lee’s Summit will measure your eyes and ensure that the lenses fit your eyes. Since different individuals have different needs, particularly in relation to sizing and the shape of your eyes, proper measurements serve to prevent discomfort.

The final reason you need a prescription from an optometrist is the possibility of complications from your visual health needs. If you have astigmatism or other conditions that impact your vision, then you need contact lenses that address the underlying concern. The examination and prescription ensures that you have the proper lenses to correct vision concerns and avoid discomfort when wearing the lenses.

When to Get a Contact Lens Exam

You want to talk to our optometrists in Warrensburg, Sedalia, Clinton, or Lee's Summit, MO when you notice changes to your vision or the contacts you currently wear are uncomfortable. You also want to consider an examination if you plan to stop wearing glasses in favor of contacts for any reason.  At Eyecare Specialties, we charge an annual fitting fee and then you are covered for any contact lens related problems for the remainder of the year.  Worry free care for your eyes!

Call Eyecare Specialties Today for a Contact Lens Exam Appointment!

Your vision plays an essential role in your life, but you also want to feel comfortable when wearing contact lenses. At our clinics, we offer contact lens exams that check your vision and ensure that contacts will work for your eyes. To learn more about contacts or for an appointment, call 660-747-2020 today.